Teamwork: Pick Your Team Wisely

What is winning?
Winning isn't about what the scoreboard says. Winning isn't about how big your bank account is. Winning is about, can I look in the mirror and say "self, I have nothing left. Today I did everything I could to be as good as I could be." That's winning.

Find Your Purpose
Here's what's funny. When everybody always says "I don't know what my purpose is. I don't know what i really want." Here is what I always say. What is it that you think about first thing in the morning? What is that you think about before you go to bed?

The I in Team
Everybody wants to know what's in it for me. But here's the thing. You have to have personal goals. But, then there's team goals. And when those things don't line up, there is always gonna be conflict. Because, you're always gonna be perceived as "You're worried about your individual accolades and you're not worried about what the team does."

Now here's what I say. Wouldn't it make more sense to say as a team, here's what we need to do and when we do this, we all get this. Every goal we hit, then we all get a little piece of the pie. Cause that's what people want to know. That's what they really want to know.

That hey, that's great that the company is gonna make "x" amount of dollars. But how does that bottom line translate to what my personal goals are, for my family over here.

Pick Your Team Wisely
Listen, You're circle of influence is the most critical part of your life if you're gonna win. And I say pick your team is this - You need to evaluate who you're hanging out with 80% of the time when you're not with your immediate family and things like that.

Who do you give your time to? Just look at who you're giving your time to. And when you look at who you give your time to, what I want you to do is I want you to see where their life is and I want you to look at the conversations you have with them. If those conversations are negative, if their lives are filled with drama...

so is yours.